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HEYCaps and Heyco Plugs for Round, Square and Rectangular Tubing

All New Products - HEYCaps and Heyco Plugs for Round, Square and Rectangular Tubing
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Heyco Products introduces our new Caps and Plugs for Round, Square and Rectangular Tubing. 

HEYCaps for Round Tubing
HEYCaps for Round Tubing are available in Standard Duty and   
Heavy Duty styles.  The Standard Duty HEYCaps make economical, attractive glides for household and patio furniture; office tables, chairs and equipment; utility carts; exercise equipment; tools and appliances. As finishing caps for both tubing and rods, they cover any scratches, burrs or distortions that may result from cutting operations, and provide protection against injury from sharp rod and tubing edges. Heavy Duty Caps' thick wall construction makes them ideal for threaded connections where extra protection is required. They are designed for easy installation and seat with a firm grip that prevents accidental removal.  
Plug for Round Tubing
Heyco Plugs for Round Tubing
Heyco's Plugs for Round Tubing have a tapered rib design that ensures a secure fit.  Their durable construction and excellent gliding edges make them perfect for using on a wide range of metal furniture, appliances and similar items. A thick impact and abrasion resistant base makes them ideal tubing closures for products subject to heavy-duty service or exposure to adverse environment. These plugs are not subject to rust or corrosion
Heyco Plugs for Square Tubing
(PST Series Shown)

Heyco Plugs for Square Tubing are available in four different styles: PST Series-Clearance Fit, PSTR Series- Ribbed Fit, PSTE Series-Ergonomic Plugs made of vinyl for greater flexibility and PZTD Series-Domed Plugs with a Ribbed Fit. 


PST Series Plugs (Clearance Fit) finish raw tubing ends with a clean finish, fit flush with tubing sides, keep dirt and moisture out of sensitive areas and protect against injury from sharp tubing edges.  


PSTR Series Plugs (Ribbed Fit)  feature externally tapered ribs designed to fit a wide range of tubing gauges while accommodating any dimensional fluctuations within the tubing,and provide a sure grip inside the tubing without the unsightly plastic shavings found on many straight wall glade installations.  PSTR Plugs are not subject to rust or corrosion.  


PSTE Series Plugs (Vinyl Ergonomic) have a flexible, ribbed design that allows quick and easy fingertip installation;  are removable without the use of tools (traditional glides and tube plugs are designed to be permanent and their rigid design makes removal very difficult);  and are injection molded for intricate detail and design with flexibility.  


PZTD Series Plugs (Domed with Ribbed Fit) feature the same external rib design as the PSTR Series Plugs, but with a domed finish. Their durable construction ensures exceptional performance on a variety of metal furniture.  
Heyco Plugs for Rectangular Tubing

Heyco Plugs for Rectangular Tubing feature the same external rib design of Heyco PZT Series Plugs and are offered in a broad selection of width-to-length proportions, to fit many special tubing shapes found on stands for computer terminals, office machines, display fixtures, and similar metal furnishings and equipment.  Their durable construction ensures exceptional performance in business and commercial applications.  


HEYCaps and Plugs for Round Tubing, Square Tubing and Rectangular Tubing are available in multiple sizes (consult Heyco for sizes not shown). All of these plugs (with the exception of the PSTE Series) are constructed from Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) with a maximum temperature rating of 175° F (79°C).  The PSTE Series are Vinyl with a maximum temperature rating of 350° F (177°C).  

If you like these products, you might like to see our full Hole Plugs offering in our 
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