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Solar Masthead II's for 8 AWG, 8,9mm PV1000

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Heyco is very excited to introduce our newest Heyco-Tite Solar Masthead II Liquid Tight Cordgrips for 8AWG 1000V PV wire.  These new Cordgrips are available in 1-1/4", 1-1/2" and 2" NPT sizes.

Heyco has expanded our line of Heyco-Tite Solar Masthead II Liquid Tight Cordgrips with the addition of three new Cordgrips (1-1/4", 1-1/2" and 2" NPT sizes) for 8AWG 1000V PV wire up to 8,9mm - The Ultimate in Liquid Tight Strain Relief Protection.   

Front view Masthead II

The Integral Sealing Ring on Heyco's IP 68 Rated Solar Masthead II Liquid Tight Cordgrips ensures a superior seal at the clearance or threaded mounting hold location, every time. 


The Break-Thru Skinned Over glands in the Solar Masthead II Cordgrips offer flexibility to use from 1 to 31 of the available holes while still providing a liquid tight seal around the wire. They provide a watertight seal for PV module output leads to inverters.  No disassembly is required for installation and the generous wrenching flats allow for ease of assembly. 


Although these newest Cordgrips are designed for use with 8 AWG  1000V PV wire, our line includes Cordgrips that can be used with 12 and 10 AWG USE-2 or 12 and 10 AWG 1000V PV wire.  They are designed for solar rooftop or combiner box installations.  Secure input PV leads from solar panel array strings to fuse holder hookup within solar combiner boxes. 


Use in some residential rooftop solar applications may eliminate the need for a combiner box when appropriate threaded adapter is used. 

Side view of masthead II 

Heyco-Tite Solar Masthead II Liquid Tight Cordgrips are constructed of UV resistant Nylon 6/6 with TPE or Buna N Sealing Glands and are provided with an assembled metal locknut.  They resist salt water, weak acids, gasoline, alcohol, oil, grease and common solvents.  They are UL listed or recognized under file E51579 and are CSA certified under File 93876.  They have a 94V-2 flammability rating and a temperature rating of -22°F (-30°C) to 212°F (100°C). 


For additional information on Heyco-Tite Solar Masthead II Liquid Tight Cordgrips, please click here.    


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Heyco Products, Inc.


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