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Heyco Products, Inc. introduces a new line of Circuit Board Supports, LED Spacers and Transistor Insulators.  We have added over 800 new sku's occupying twenty-six full catalog pages. 

Heyco's new PCB Supports Product Line consists of eight subgroups as follows:  


1)  Imperial Spacing with thirty varieties

2)  Metric Spacing with eight varieties

3)  Reverse Locking with fourteen  varieties

4)  Blind, Key Slot and Rivet Mount with eight varieties

5)  Screw and Lock with three varieties

6)  Self-Retaining with six varieties

7) Male Threaded with eleven varieties 

8) Adhesive Back Mount and Edge Holding with seven varieties.  


With so many options, we definitely have what you need to support, space, lock and guide the board within your electronic applications. 


To assist you in choosing the correct PCB for your application, please see our Heyco PCB Supports Selection Guide.



In addition to the PCB Support Line, we have also added a PVC and Nylon LED Spacer and Transistor Insulator line with seven varieties of LED Spacers and three Transistor Insulators.  

If you are interested in these product lines, you may also be interested in our full range of HEYware including, but not limited to, Cable Clamps, Clips, and Ties; Wire and Cable Holders; Rivets; and Cable Wrap.  You can learn about all of these products by visiting the HEYware section of our website, or by downloading Heyco's HEYware II Brochure.

To order free samples of these or any other Heyco products, please click here


Colleen Faulknor

Vice President, Administration
Heyco Products, Inc.


Phone:  732-286-4336 x205

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