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Heyco Solar Products- SunRunner 90 2-Wire & SunRunner 2-S

Heyco Solar Products: New HEYClip SunRunner 90° 2-Wire Cable Clip & HEYClip SunRunner 2-S Series Cable Clips (for rail-less systems)
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Heyco Products, Inc. continues to support the Solar Industry with a variety of products.  Whether you design/manufacture inverter boxes and other equipment for the solar industry or you're an installer, we have a solution that is right for you!

Stainless steel clips and UVX Nylon clips for many of the top rack-mount (& rail-less!) systems in the industry.

Metal and nylon multi-hole cordgrips for inverter and combiner boxes.

Stainless steel & coated stainless steel cable ties for everything in between.

These, and all of our Solar Products, are covered under our Twenty Year Solar Product Warranty!
New Product Spotlight

Double-Compression, Right Angle Design

The HEYClip SunRunner 90° Double Wire Clip is an upgrade from the SunRunner 90° Single Wire Clip.  Designed to mount at a 90° angle to the original SunRunner, the SunRunner 90° Double Wire Clip will accommodate 2 cables from .20"(5,1mm) to .30"(7,6mm).  (Rather than just 1 cable accommodated with the original SunRunner 90°).  The SunRunner 90° is designed for use with PV modules mounted in the "landscape" mode.  PV modules with shorter than normal junction box cables cannot be dressed out to the sides of module.  The SunRunner 90° will allow the junction box cables to run to the adjacent modules across the short side of the PV module frame.  The SunRunner 90° is constructed from a 304 stainless steel and is not intended for use in a marine salt water environment.

For Rail-less Systems

The HEYClip Stainless Steel SunRunner 2-S Series is designed to hold Micro-Inverter Cables .413"(10,5mm) to .472"(12,0mm) and Module Cables up to .300"(7,6mm) in diameter for rail-less mounting systems.  The SunRunner 2-S is constructed from heat treated 410 stainless steel for excellent strength and corrosion protection for outdoor exposure.  It features smooth clip edges to prevent damage during cable installation.  The 2-S is designed for panel and cable retention up to 15 lbs. and allows you to neatly dress cables on PV panels or module frames from .050"(1,3mm) to .250"(6,4mm) thick.
Both of these Products are covered under
Heyco's 20 Year Solar Products Warranty!
For more information on these and other Heyco Solar Products, please visit the Solar Power Components Section of our website, or download the Heyco Sun Products Catalog.  

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