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Heyco®-Tite Liquid Tight Cordgrips

Multi-Hole with Integral Sealing Ring
Sequenced by Conductor Size

The Ultimate in Liquid Tight Strain Relief Protection

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Size mm.
No. Black
Part No.
Description Black
Part No.
Desc. Black
Part No.

Round, Open Holes - consult Heyco for Snap-in-2 Hub versions

4,2 2 M3231GAB LTCG 1/2 M3216GAB LTCG 13 M4340GAB LTCG M20
4,5 9 CRUUS logo M8437GBF LTCG 1† M3225GBF LTCG 29 M4348GBF LTCG M32
13 CRUUS logo M4524GBG LTCG 1-1/4† M3204GBG LTCG 36 M4352GBG LTCG M40
4,6 3 M3234GBD LTCG 3/4 M3222GBD LTCG 21 M4344GBD LTCG M25
4 M3234GBE LTCG 3/4 M3222GBE LTCG 21 M4344GBE LTCG M25
5,0 2   M3231GAC LTCG 1/2 M3216GAC LTCG 13 M4340GAC LTCG M20
4 M3234GAD LTCG 3/4 M3222GAD LTCG 21 M4344GAD LTCG M25
5,2 2 UL logo M3231GAE LTCG 1/2† M3216GAE LTCG 13 M4340GAE LTCG M20††
3 UL logo M3234GAF LTCG 3/4† M3222GAF LTCG 21 M4344GAF LTCG M25
4 UL logo M3234GAG LTCG 3/4† M3222GAG LTCG 21 M4344GAG LTCG M25
5,6 3 UL logo M3200GAH LTCG LL 1/2† M3219GAH LTCG 16 M3198GAH LTCG LL M20
6,0 2 M3200GAJ LTCG LL 1/2 M3219GAJ LTCG 16 M3198GAJ LTCG LL M20
4 M3234GBC LTCG 3/4 M3222GBC LTCG 21 M4344GBC LTCG M25
6,5 6 M8437GAL LTCG 1 M3225GAL LTCG 29 M4348GAL LTCG M32
6 M4524GAL LTCG 1-1/4 M3204GAL LTCG 36 M4352GAL LTCG M40
7,0 3 M3234GAM LTCG 3/4 M3222GAM LTCG 21 M4344GAM LTCG M25
7,4 2 M3234GAN LTCG 3/4 M3222GAN LTCG 21 M4344GAN LTCG M25
8,0 2 M3234GAQ LTCG 3/4 M3222GAQ LTCG 21 M4344GAQ LTCG M25
6 M4524GAR LTCG 1-1/4 M3204GAR LTCG 36 M4352GAR LTCG M40
9,0 4 M8437GAS LTCG 1 M3225GAS LTCG 29 M4348GAS LTCG M32
5 M4524GAT LTCG 1-1/4 M3204GAT LTCG 36 M4352GAT LTCG M40
7 M4524GAW LTCG 1-1/4 M3204GAW LTCG 36 M4352GAW LTCG M40
9,5 4 M8437GAX LTCG 1 M3225GAX LTCG 29 M4348GAX LTCG M32

Standard color black.
*Locknuts not included. For Locknut specifications or to order Locknuts separately, see Nylon Locknuts: NPT, PG, or Metric and Metal Locknuts: NPT, PG, or Metric.
**Unassembled Nylon Locknuts INCLUDED.
Assembled Metal Locknut INCLUDED
††M4340GAE is UL approved under File E51579.

  • Heyco® Multi-hole glands provide the widest range of conductor through-hole size and number configurations, many of which are agency approved. See the tabular charts for specific approvals for specific parts. These approvals are not "global" or implied approvals; they are both real and part specific.
  • Integral Sealing Ring ensures a superior seal at the clearance or threaded mounting hole location, every time.
  • IP 68 rated.
  • Cordgrips are made of nylon construction with TPE sealing glands that resist salt water, weak acids, gasoline, alcohol, oil, grease, and common solvents.
  • For body part dimensions see NPT, PG and Metric Cordgrips.
  • Multi-hole glands are only to be used with Heyco Liquid Tight Cordgrips and are not sold separately.
  • Consult Heyco for Cordgrips molded in other colors.


Material Nylon 6/6 w/TPE Sealing Gland
Certifications UL logo Listed under Underwriters' Laboratories File E51579
RU logo Recognized under Components Program of Underwriters' Laboratories File E51579 to both Canadian and U.S. requirements
Flammability Rating 94V-2 Standard
Temperature Range Static -40°F (-40°C) to 239°F (115°C)
Dynamic -4°F (-20°C) to 212°F (100°C)
IP Rating IP 68
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