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Heyco® Application Equipment - Universal, Standard and Mini-Applicator Dies

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Universal Assembly Die-Applicator Die

Modular design allows the application of a wide variety of terminals in one die set. The top and bottom “tool packs” are replaced to apply different types of terminals.

Adjustable feed: left-to-right or right-to-left.

Adjustable stroke: fits most standard 3 and 5 ton presses. Easy crimp height adjustments. New feed and drag design make for simple consistent feed adjustments.

Standard Applicator Die

Available for some Heyco® terminals. Fits in standard bench presses with 5˝ shut height and 1-1/2˝ stroke. Left-to-right and right-to-left or rear feed.

Heyco Mini Applicators

Quick change Mini-Applicators compatible with industry standard 1.5 - 3 ton presses available. Consult Heyco with your specific application needs.

Use Mini Applicators with the following Heyco Parts PART NO.
Heyco Ring and Spade Terminals Heavy Duty and Standard
Heyco Quick Connect Terminals Female, Flag
4750, 4751
4838, 4834, 4835
Heyco Padded Male Blades All
Heyco Full Thickness Male Blades All
Heyco .187˝ Diameter Ground Pins - Male All
Heyco .187˝ Diameter Ground Pins - Female All
Heyco Specialty Pins All
Heyco Male Pins All
Heyco Female Pin Connectors - Round Barrel All
Heyco Female Pin Connectors - Round Barrel with Insulation Crimp All
Heyco Specialty Female Connectors All

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