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Heyco® Application Equipment - Semi-Auto & Wire Stripper

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Semi-Automatic Application Systems for Heyco Female and Male “Bridges” only.

This equipment provides accurate, easy termination of all three contacts at once for Heyco’s Male and Female Preassembled Cordset Components. Parts are bowl or gravity fed into the application die eliminating the need for operator placement. The unique funnel design provides precise placement of the wire in the contacts crimps. A Stripping unit can be added to prepare the wire prior to termination.

Wire Stripper

Heyco now offers a Wire Stripping Unit for use with our Semi-Automatic Application Systems. This unit will cut and strip to length the inner jacket of your wire. It also preforms the wire for faster insertion when using our Semi-Automatic Application Systems.

Order the Z464 Wire Stripper Assembly Base with the appropriate wire gauge tooling shown:

  • Z462 Wire Stripper (18 Ga.)
  • Z498 Wire Stripper (16 Ga.)
  • Z499 Wire Stripper (14 Ga.)
  • Z590 Wire Stripper (12 Ga.)
  • Z591 Wire Stripper (10 Ga.)

The wire gauge tooling is interchangeable if various wire gauges are required.

Click here for Instructions and Press Specifications