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Heyco® Full Thickness Male Blades

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Profile AWG Range Material Non-polarized Polarized Die** Feeds Tool Packs Crimp
For Non-polarized For Polarized

119 Series - larger crimp section

Flat 14-12 Brass 5700 - 5700SXX5 - Dual Rear 08A3 07A7 PDF

119-18 Series - smaller crimp section

Flat w/Knee 18-16 Brass 5703 - 5703SXX5 - Dual Rear 08A4 07A8 PDF
no Knee
18-16 Brass 5706 - 5706SXX5 - PDF

* “S” in the Die Part No. indicates Heyco Standard Applicator Die; “U” indicates Heyco Universal Applicator Die.
These high volume Applicators are designed for 3-5 ton presses - click here.
** “XX” represents Wire Gauge. Please specify Wire Gauge when ordering.

For Right Angle Plugs

NEMA 1-15P & 5-15P - .058" Mold Line Thickness

  • All Series 119 and 119-18 Blades feature 90° crimp sections for Right Angle Plugs.
  • All Series 119 and 119-18 Blades feature large flow-through holes below the mold line, for strain relief pull out protection.
  • All Series 119 and 119-18 Blades are front loaded for overmolding.
  • Series 119 Blades feature a larger crimp section for AWG 14-12 gauge conductors.
  • Series 119-18 Blades feature a smaller crimp section for AWG 18-16 gauge conductors.
  • Flat Part No. 5706 has no strain relief “knee” resulting in lower material content savings.
  • DFARS Compliant


Materials   Alloy 260 Brass (70% Cu, 30% Zn. Higher Cu content resists dezincification)
Certifications ru Recognized Component under UL File E164169
csa Certified by the Canadian Standards Association File 91824
Standards   NEMA 1-15P & NEMA 5-15P
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