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Heyco® Heavy Duty
Ring and Spade Terminals

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Insulation Crimp? Hole Dia. AWG Range Material Die** Feed Parts
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Crimp Punch Anvil

Heavy Duty Ring Terminals

No .265 12-8 Brass 6072 6072SXX5 Rear 3 0W29, 0W46, 0W48 0W28, 0W45, 0W47 PDF
6073 6073SXX5 Rear 2 PDF
No .265 8-6 Brass 6070 6070SXX5 Rear 3 0W29, 0W49 0W28 PDF
6071 6071SXX5 Rear 2 PDF

Heavy Duty Spade Terminals

No .265 12-8 Brass 6082 6082SXX5 Rear 3 0W29, 0W46, 0W48 0W28, 0W45, 0W47 PDF
6083 6083SXX5 Rear 2 PDF
No .265 8-6 Brass 6080 6080SXX5 Rear 3 0W29, 0W49 0W28 PDF
6081 6081SXX5 Rear 2 PDF

* Use the Heyco Standard Applicator Die (indicated by “S” in the Die Part No.), click here.
** “XX” represents Wire Gauge. Please specify Wire Gauge when ordering.

For Heyco Applicators, click here.

  • Three up and two up applicators allow operators to attach multiple terminals at once.
  • .0315˝ and .040˝ gauge material.
  • Available in strip form only.
  • HD Spade features 90° bend to lock screw in place.
  • DFARS Compliant


Material   Alloy 260 Brass (70% Cu, 30% Zn. Higher Cu content resists dezincification)
Certification ul Listed under Underwriters' Laboratories File E95474
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