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Heyco® Padded Male Blades

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Length Below
Mold Line
Material Non-polarized Polarized Die**
Feeds Tool
Crimp Anvil

Series 112 - Flow-Through Hole Plus "Knee" for Strain Relief Protection

.37 22-20 Brass 5048 5049 5048UXX5 5049UXX5 Left to Right B100L/B101L C236 C254 PDF PDF
18-14 Brass - 5046 - 5046UXX5   PDF
5044 5045 5044UXX5 5045UXX5 Right to Left B100R/B101R PDF PDF

Series 112-8 - Extended Knee for Improved Strain Relief

.37 18-14 Brass 5080 5082 5080UXX5 5082UXX5 Left to Right B100L/B101L C236 C254 PDF PDF
Brass 5081 5083 5081UXX5 5083UXX5 Right to Left B100R/B101R PDF PDF

Series 103 - Heavier Duty with Strain Relief Knee

.47 18-14 Brass 5112 - - 5112UXX5 Left to Right B100L/B101L C236 C254 PDF  

Series 103-N - Heavier Duty; Notched for High Temperature

.47 18-14 Brass 5181 5183 5181UXX5 5183UXX5 Left to Right B100L/B101L C236 C254 PDF PDF
Brass 5180 5182 5180UXX5 5182UXX5 Right to Left B100R/B101R PDF PDF

* Heyco high volume Application Tooling, designed for 3-5 ton presses - click here.
Heyco Mini Applicators, designed for 1.5-3 ton bench top presses, are available - click here.
** “XX” represents Wire Gauge. Please specify Wire Gauge when ordering.

For mating Female Cord Connectors, see click here.
For Male Ground Pins, see Male & Male Right Angle.
For Padded Male/Female Combination Terminals, click here.

NEMA 1-15P & 5-15P - .043" Mold Line Thickness

Lower material content makes for a less expensive UL Approved Blade!

  • Heyco Padded Blades are far less expensive than their Full Thickness counterparts, yet they are functionally equivalent.
  • Thinner gauge material lowers cost, yet full pad configuration meets UL power cord requirements, including UL 1659.
  • All Heyco Padded Blades feature a 90° “knee” section for strain relief and assembly orientation.
  • For overmolding, Padded Blades must be side loaded due to their shaped profile.
  • Series 112 Padded Blades feature a flow-through hole below the mold line for strain relief pull out protection.
  • Series 112-8 Padded Blades feature an extended 90° knee for additional strain relief.
  • Series 103 Polarized Padded Blades are the “heavier duty, full width designed” choice among these lighter duty blades for 18-14 AWG conductors.
  • Series 103-N Padded Blades are both heavier duty and notched to meet high temperature pull out requirements.


Materials   Alloy 260 Brass (70% Cu, 30% Zn. Higher Cu content resists dezincification)
Certifications ru Recognized Component under UL File E164169
csa Certified by the Canadian Standards Association File 91824
Standards   NEMA 1-15P & NEMA 5-15P
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