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Type Color AWG
Die Feeds Crimp
Anvil A B
in. in.
5-15P Male Bridge Black 18-14 S7560 Z360 Semi-Auto* Z318, Z408 Z302 .26 .40 PDF
Natural 18-14 S7561 PDF
Clear 18-14 S7596 PDF
5-15P Male Bridge Tinned Black 18-14 S7564 PDF
Natural 18-14 S7599  
Clear 18-14 S7598  
5-15P Male Bridge 7-Shape Black 18-14 S7562 PDF
Natural 18-14 S7563 PDF
Clear 18-14 S7581  
5-15P Male Bridge Black 12-10 S7590 Z461 Semi-Auto* Z446, Z454,
Z444, Z453
Z445 .30 .44 PDF
Natural 12-10 S7592 PDF
Clear 12-10 S7597 PDF
5-15P Male Bridge 7-Shape Black 12-10 S7591 PDF
Natural 12-10 S7593 PDF
Clear 12-10 S7589  

7-Shape Blades feature a retention ledge to maintain position during overmolding (mold stop).
*Semi-Automatic Terminating Equipment is available.

Male Bridge—NEMA 5-15P

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  • Crimp all three terminals at once.
  • Faster loading of plug molds.
  • Reduce plug molding and cycle time.
  • Reduce plug cost while improving plug quality.
  • 7-Shape blades feature ledge to maintain position during overmolding.
  • Pass elevated temperature pullout test with low cost PVC.
  • Automated Terminating Equipment is available from Heyco.
  • Wire Stripper Equipment is available from Heyco.
  • DFARS Compliant


Materials   Alloy 260 Brass (70% Cu, 30% Zn. Higher Cu content resists dezincification)
  Black and Natural - 6/6 Nylon, Clear - Polycarbonate
Certifications ru Recognized Component under UL File E164169 (Component Blades only)
csa Certified by the Canadian Standards Assocation File 91824
Standards   NEMA 5-15P
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