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Heyco® SunHangers

Plain and PVC Coated Stainless Steel Hangers

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in. mm. in. mm.
1.375 34,9 S6580 SunHanger 1375 3.11 79,0
S6581 SunHanger 1375 Coated Black 3.19 81,0
S6582 SunHanger 1375-90 3.11 79,0
S6583 SunHanger 1375-90 Coated Black 3.22 81,8
2.000 50,8 S6584 SunHanger 2000 3.70 93,9
S6585 SunHanger 2000 Coated Black 3.75 95,3
S6586 SunHanger 2000-90 3.70 93,9
S6587 SunHanger 2000-90 Coated Black 3.78 96,0


  • Heavy Duty stainless steel construction for harsh outdoor environments.
  • Heavy Duty .05"(0,3 mm) PVC coating stands up to harsh environments and provides additional protection to cables.
  • Easy application – hang from module mounting holes or other structures.
  • Releasable and reusable – allows for easy maintenance and serviceability.
  • Simply bend the lower portion to engage hook and secure cables.
  • Multiple SKUs to accommodate various cable routing orientations.


Material Plain and PVC Coated 304 Stainless Steel
Temperature Range -40°F (-40°C) to 194°F (90°C)
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