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Air Tool and Air Tool Jaws Directory For Heyco Original Strain Relief Bushings

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in. mm. Upper Lower
.375 9,5 2L-1, 2M-1, 2P-4, 2P-5 0171 OT47 OT48
.437 11,1 3A-4 0173 OT49 OT50
3L-1, 3P-4, 3P-5, 3W-1, 13-1 0175 OT51 OT52
.500 12,7 4A-6, 14A-1 0177 OT53 OT54
4K-1, 4K-4, 4K-6, 4L-1, 4L-4, 4N-4, 4N-5, 4N-6,
4N-7, 4P-4, 5L-1, 5M-3, 5MN-3, 5N-4, 5N-5,
5N-7, 5P-4, 5P-7, 5P3-4, 6W-1, 14-1, 15-1
0179 OT55 OT56
.562 14,3 5K-4, 5KN-4, 5W-1, 16-1 0181 OT59 OT60
.625 15,9 6K-5, 6L-1, 6N-4, 6N-7, 6N2-4, 6N3-4, 6N3-5,
6N3-7, 6N4-4, 6P-4, 6P-5, 6P-7, 6P2-5, 6P3-4,
6P3-5, 6P3-7, 6P4-4, 6P10, 6P30, 10N-2, 10-2,
11-2, 11K-2
0183 0T61 0T62
.750 19,0 7N-2 0185 OT631 OT642
7P-2, 7P-7, 17-2 0187 OT651 OT662
.875 22,2 7K-2, 7KR-2, 7L-2, 7W-2, 8L-1, 8P-2, 24-1,
31-2, 34-2
0189 OT671 OT682
8N-2 0193 OT711 OT722
.375 x .625 9,5 x 15,9 300-1, 302-1 0191 OT69 OT70
.560 x .730 14,2 x 18,5 20-1, 20L-1, 30-1, 30-1A, 30-1B 0195 OT73 OT74
.750 x .875 19,0 x 22,2 23-1, 33-1 0197 OT75 OT762

1 Secondary (upper) Jaw style. When ordering additional spacer may be required (P/N OT36[2]).
2 Secondary (lower) Jaw style. When ordering additional spacer may be required (P/N OT77[1]).
*Jaw part number if purchased separately. See drawing below.

Part No. 0T02 Bench Mount Kit shown
installed with Heyco Air Tool

Ordering Procedure for Air Tools

  • On the tabular chart, locate the panel mounting hole diameter and Original Strain Relief Bushing that you are using.
  • The appropriate Air Tool is shown on the same line.
  • Jaws may be purchased separately, see the two right most PART NO. columns.
  • Bench Mount Kit Part No. 0T02 provides the necessary components to convert a hand Air Tool to a bench mounted unit. The bench Air Tool can be mounted in any convenient position on the assembly area work surface. The unit is foot activated, leaving the operator's hands free.
  • Click here for Original Strain Relief Assembly Pliers
  • Click here for attaching Pliers for Metal Strain Reliefs
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