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Heyco® Original Strain Relief
Bushing Assembly Pliers
Instructions and Spare Parts

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for 0022
R 29 Plier
for 0030
R 30 Plier
Ref. No.

Part Type

Grips 0037 0047 1
Pivot Screw 0036 0046 4
Nut 0032 0032 5
Spring 0031 0031 6

To use Hand Pliers with Original Strain Reliefs:

Part No. 0022 (R 29)

Pliers are shipped set for a 1/4" (6,4 mm) opening.

Part No. 0030 (R 30)

Pliers are shipped set for a 37/64" (14,7 mm) opening.

These two Pliers will assemble the majority of our Heyco Original Strain Relief Bushings (see Specifications tab for alternate jaw openings). If adjustment is necessary, follow the instructions below:

A. Remove Nut (5) and Spring (6).
B. Close Pliers and lift off Movable Handle (1).
C. Move Jaw (2) to desired opening (see Specifications tab).
D. Reassemble Handle (1) in closed position so that the gear teeth engage.
E. Open Pliers and replace Spring (6) with short end in deepest recess, long end in Handle groove.
F. Replace and secure Nut (5).

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