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Note: Common panel thicknesses: .032" (0,8mm), .062" (1,6mm) and .125" (3,2mm)

Additional Venting Solutions

Fan Guards - FG
Electroplated steel wire with nickel chrome finish
Fan Guard Mounts - FMS, FMM, FMB
EPDM 30 or 40, or Silicon Rubber 40 for maximum shock absorption and durability
Dia. Rings Desc. Part No. Type Mat'l Desc. Part No.
.942FG 250975 StdEPDM 30FMS-10345
1.152FG 400976 StdEPDM 40FMS-20346
1.653FG 500977 StdEPDM 30FMS-30348
2.094FG 600978 StdEPDM 40FMS-40349
3.005FG 800979 StdSR 40FMS-50354
3.546FG 920980 StdSR 40FMS-60355
4.558FG 1200981 StdSR 40FMS-70356
6.0810FG 1500982 MultiSR 40FMM-10357
  Break-AwaySR 40FMB-20359
Break-AwaySR 40FMB-20363
Brass Drain Plug Locknuts - DPLN
Cutout feature allows for complete drainage when used with TDP Threaded Drain Plugs, above
Fan Guard Rivets
Mount fan or fan guard to chassis
M12ThreadNi-Brass4360 .124PR 124-8079326
M16ThreadNi-Brass4361 .137DR 137-8079327
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