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Case Studies

Rapid Response, Application Specific Product Solutions

Special Application, Single Panel Thickness RDD Lockit
Product or Service Lighting Fixtures integrated into office furniture
Description of Need Designed special purpose strain relief to fit in thin panel for task lighting in office furniture.
Modification or New Modification
Solution Replace existing Heyco strain relief with a self locking strain relief while maintaining the same hole specifications. This was accomplished through a single finger external locking mechanism for a specific panel thickness.
Modified Control Cable Adapter Bushing
Product or Service Control Panel on Boilers
Description of Need Reduced time and labor cost, plus ease of assembly during maintenance in field.
Modification or New Modified Bushing
Solution Modified bushing with custom opening to fit for easy removal of control cable connector. Eliminated disassembling the unit while performing maintenance in the field.
Mini-Oven Spacer
Product or Service Gas and Electric Ranges
Description of Need Spacer to accommodate different handles lengths for each style range.
Modification or New Entirely New
Solution A custom spacer with flanges for oven door handle.
Delrin® Cup Washer
Product or Service Recreational Vehicle Furniture
Description of Need Protect upholstery from sharp edges in the motor home living area.
Modification or New Entirely New
Solution Covers sharp surface
Infrared Window Plug This product is an Infrared Window Plug that has been used on commercial fryers in large fast food chains.  The infrared plug was needed to allow the passage of infrared transmissions for data communication purposes.  The Axcell solution was the creation of a shorty window plug molded from Lexan that is tinted to facilitate data transmissions. Similar solutions could be furnished for other IR data transmission applications.
Lamp Holder Stand-Off Used in high efficiency lighting for aquariums and horticulture. The stand-off was needed to expand the mounting options for sockets used with the current lighting systems. The Axcell solution was the creation of a single mold with interchangeable inserts to accommodate two versions of the standoff, allowing rapid launch of this polycarbonate product within a targeted price range.
Beige Cut-out Hole Plug Designed for use on dental chairs and associated equipment. The hole plug was needed to replace the current rubber plug which conflicted with the addition of a spring loaded set screw in the device. The Axcell solution was the modification of the Heyco shorty plug with a “cut-out” on the inside to accommodate the set screw.  The part was molded in custom beige with a textured surface to match the appearance of the equipment in the application.
Oversized Dome Plug Created to meet a need on a CNC Machining Center, the plug was needed to fit a desired size mounting hole while the oversized dome covered pilot holes in the new application. The Axcell solution was the creation of a plug for the desired mounting hole with an oversized dome that provided the aesthetic qualities and ease of assembly offered by standard Heyco plugs.
Snap-In Cord Grip Developed for use in power distribution and system management equipment. The new cord grip was needed to decrease the assembly time of the current product used for strain relief in a non-liquid tight environment.  The Axcell solution was a modification of the Heyco standard cord grip that eliminated the need for a locknut and allowed for a snap-in means of installation.
Pry-Out Glossy Plug Satisfies a need for a major maker of home appliances. The plug was required as an aesthetically pleasing permanent fixture for a refrigerator without an ice maker. The plug also needed to be removable to accomodate the addition of a separately purchased ice maker. The Axcell solution was the modification of the Heyco Pry Out Plug with a glossy top and a custom matched white finish.

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