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Removable Snap-In Ratcheting Strain Reliefs

Heyco Removable Snap-In Ratcheting Strain Reliefs - New Size Added!
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Heyco's Elves have been busy working to make your most intense holiday wishes come true - we've added another size (RSR 1109) to our Removable Snap-In Ratcheting Strain Relief line! 


Heyco Removable Snap-In Ratcheting Strain Reliefs are assembly friendly.  Independent of insertion into the panel, the Strain Relief self-locks onto the cable.  It may be preassembled offline for final assembly at a later time or remote location, for lower installed cost. 

   Ratcheting SR 2

The unique wire locking ratchet allows for a generous wire range from .115" (2,9mm) to .750" (19,1mm).  These Strain Reliefs can be used for one cable or multiple cables (round or flat wire) and easily install with fingertip pressure into a standard round or Double D hole.  They are the ideal solution for managing internal wire bundles such as wire harnesses.

  Ratcheting SR


Heyco Removable Snap-In Ratcheting Strain Reliefs can be easily removed by inserting standard snap ring pliers with .040" tips (Heyco PN 0054) into the two holes on the part and spreading the part open. 

PN 0054
PN 0054


Heyco Removable Snap-In Ratcheting Strain Reliefs are made from Nylon 6/6, are UL Recognized under File E15331, CSA Certified under File 8919, have a flammability rating of 94 V-2 and have a material temperature index of 257°F (125°C). 


If you are interested in other wire types or sizes, please do not hesitate to contact Heyco. 


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Heyco Products, Inc.


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