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NEW: Heyco HEYCaps and Nylon Finishing Plugs
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LT Heyco is very excited to let all of Heyco's customers know about our new Heyco HEYCaps and Nylon Finishing Plugs Brochure. He is even more excited to let you know that Heyco has reduced pricing on many of these plugs!

Plugs Cover
Heyco's HEYCaps and Nylon Finishing Plugs Brochure features our extensive range of hole plugs including, but not limited to, Dome Plugs, Vent Plugs, Louvered Plugs, Liquid Tight Plugs, Glossy Plugs, Pry Out Plugs, Window Plugs, Double D Plugs, Knock-Out Seals,  D-Subminiature Plugs and Caps, Threaded Plugs, Tapered Caps and Plugs, Sheet Metal Plugs, and Plugs and Caps for Round and Square Tubing.    


We have recently released information on our new Filter Insert Vent and Filter Insert Louvered Plugs, Liquid Tight Threaded Vent Plugs and HEYCap Tapered Caps and Plugs. There are many other new plugs within the brochure - one is sure to fit your hole plug application!


Featured NEW Products

HEYClean Liquid Tight Snap-In Vent Plugs
Heyco's NEW HEYClean Liquid Tight Snap-In Vent Plugs allow for quick and easy snap-in installation into clearance holes and the integral sealing ring ensures a superior seal at the mounting hole location ever time resulting in an IP65, IP67 and IP68 rating.  They permit the passage of air for ventilation and heat dissipation, yet remain liquid tight.  The filter membrane, which consists of a Hydrophopic/Oleophobic Acrylic Copolymer material and is ultrasonically welded to the plug's nylon 6/6 body, prevents moisture and particulate contamination in electronic enclosures.  All sizes feature six (6) .094" (2,4mm) diameter vent holes, are a lower cost option over brass or steel plugs, and snap into a range of panel thicknesses up to .125" (3,2mm) with no tools.  The plugs will sustain a maximum air flow of 1606 ml/3.7cm² @ 13.5 psi, have a 94V-2 flammability rating, and are IP 65, 67 and 68 rated.  


Plug for Round Tubing
Heyco Plugs for Round Tubing


We are also very excited to introduce our new line of HEYCap Caps and Plugs and our Plugs for Round and Square Tubing.  Included in this line are our HEYCap D-Subminiature and Electro Miniature Protection Caps, Heyco IEC-14 Plug, Heyco Threaded Plugs for Straight Threaded Ports for NPS, SAE and ISO Threaded Ports, Heyco TEMPlugs for NPT Threaded Ports with Square and Hex Heads, HEYCaps and Plugs for Round Tubing, and Heyco Plugs for Square and Rectangular Tubing.  Further information on these plugs can be found within this brochure.


Plug for Square
Heyco Plugs for Square Tubing


Heyco can meet all of you plug needs including customizing your plugs in various sizes, shapes, materials and colors.  We can even mold your Company logo directly onto your plug!  Please contact Heyco for additional information.   

To download a copy of Heyco's HEYCaps and Nylon Finishing Plugs Brochure, please click here!
If you would like to order a hard copy of this brochure, or free samples of these or any other Heyco products, please click here! 


Colleen Faulknor

Vice President, Administration
Heyco Products, Inc.


Phone:  732-286-4336 x205

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