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Heyco Folded Pins for OEM Applications Brochure

NEW: Heyco Folded Pins for OEM Applications Brochure
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LT Heyco is very excited to let all of Heyco's customers know about our new Heyco Folded Pins for OEM Applications Brochure which includes information on availability of Single Reel Order Quantities!

Pins Brochure Cover
Heyco's Folded Pins for OEM Applications Brochure includes information on our Male Pins, Female Pin Connectors,  Specialty Female Connectors and Heyco's Mini Applicators.  It also includes Heyco's new Male Pins Mating Chart.  The different pins and connectors within the brochure are available in a variety of series that offer different benefits based on your application needs.  
Male Pins 
Heyco Male Pins are available in a wide range of diameter and length combinations for 20 to 10 AWG conductors.The folded pin design saves material and reduces cost.  The hole behind the crimp provides added strain relief or can be cut-off on Assembly Equipment.

 Female Pin Connectors

Heyco Female Pin Connectors have a round barrel and are available with or without an insulation crimp.  The 1/4" (6,4mm) spacing between the connectors allows for quick and easy attachment with the wire.  

Specialty Female ConnectorsIncluded in the Heyco Specialty Female Connectors is a Heater Cord Connector that has 3 wiping legs to assure excellent electrical continuity and a flap below the crimp for added strain relief when placed in a housing.  


All of the parts in this brochure are made from Alloy 260 Brass (70% Cu, 30% Zn).  The higher Cu content in Heyco's parts resists dezincification.  These parts are now available in single reel order quantities - contact Heyco's Customer Service Department at 800-526-4182 for more information.  


Application tooling, including Heyco's Mini-Applicators, is available - simply contact Heyco to find the Applicator that will fit your needs!


Also included in this brochure is our new Heyco Male Pins Mating Chart. This easy to use chart will help you quickly find the mating female connector for your Heyco Male Pin!

To download a copy of Heyco's Folded Pins for OEM Applications Brochure, please click here!

To see Heyco's full offering of our Power Component products, please click here!
If you would like to order a hard copy of this brochure, or free samples of these or any other Heyco products, please click here! 


Colleen Faulknor

Vice President, Administration
Heyco Products, Inc.


Phone:  732-286-4336 x205

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