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HEYClean Brass Pressure Equalization and Drain Plugs

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Heyco now offers HEYClean Brass Pressure Equalization and Drain Plugs for your pressure equalization and drainage applications.
HEYClean Pressure Equalization Plugs

HEYClean Pressure Equalization Plugs allow the passage of air for ventilation and heat dissipation, yet prevent water intrusion.  The filter membrane prevents moisture condensation and particulate contamination in electronic enclosures.  The pressure compensating seal prevents a buildup of pressure inside electronic enclosures due to environmental temperature cycling. The Plug's filter element is composed of a liquid tight membrane made from polyethersulfone (PES) that is IP 66, 68 and 69 rated, and a sintered disc that is bronze with an IP55 and IPX9K rating.   

HEYClean Drain Plugs

HEYClean Drain Plugs are ideal for applications where condensation is expected as the stainless steel mesh allows water to drain quickly, but protects the enclosure from bugs and dust. These  plugs feature a "cutout"  section to allow water to completely drain from the   enclosure, and should be  installed at the enclosure's lowest point.   The drainage  element on these plugs has  an IP4X rating.  

HEYClean Drain Plug Locknuts

HEYClean Drain Plug Brass Locknuts are available for use with HEYClean Drain Plugs for quick installation into clearance holes only, and feature the same special "cutout" as the Drain Plug to allow water to completely drain from the enclosure.  Click here for additional information about the HEYClean Drain Plug Brass Locknuts.


HEYClean Pressure Equalization and Drain Plugs have a head thickness of .37" (9,5mm) to .39" (10,0mm) and a hex shaped body for wrench installation.  The Plugs and the Locknuts are made of Nickel Plated Brass which provide excellent corrosion resistance and durability.  They have a temperature range of -40°F (-40°C) to 230°F (110°C).  


For additional information on HEYClean Brass Pressure Equalization and Drain Plugs, please click here.

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Vice President, Administration
Heyco Products, Inc.


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