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Heyco Snap-In Universal and Romex® Strain Relief Bushings

Heyco Snap-In Universal and Romex® Strain Relief Bushings
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Heyco would like to take this time to let our customers know that we appreciate your business throughout the year.  Thank you for "Staying Connected with Heyco" for all of your Power Component needs.  We wish you and your families a Happy and Safe Holiday Season and we look forward to continuing to work with you in 2015. 

USR 400 - Snap-In Universal Strain Relief Bushing

Heyco Products introduces our Heyco Snap-In Universal and Romex® Strain Relief Bushings for 1/2" electrical knock-out holes. The Heyco Snap-In Universal Strain Relief Bushing (USR 400) fits the widest range of cable sizes and the Heyco Snap-In Romex® Strain Relief Bushing (USR 401) fits the widest range of Romex® and other flat cable sizes. The captive screw enables the Strain Reliefs to meet typical European requirements wherein the strain relief device must remain attached to the panel during cable removal or replacement.  

USR 401 - Snap-In Romex Strain Relief Bushing
Installation is easy:  fingertip pressure locks the bushing into .875" (22,2 mm) diameter holes in panels up to .125" (3,2mm) thick. Reinforcing ribs provide extra strength and the bell mouth contour, radiused at 1.5x the exit hole diameter, 
eliminates the need for a separate cord guard.  These strain reliefs protect cables against forces of pull, push, twist, and flex. 

The nylon 6/6 USR 400 and 401 comply with IEC Publication #335 and CEE #10 and #11.  They are UR recognized under file E15331 for round and flat SPT type cables, UL listed under file E103540 and certified by the Canadian Standards Association under file 81067. They have a 94V-2 flammability rating and a temperature range of -.04°F (-18°C) to 221°F (105°c). 

For additional information on Heyco Snap-In Universal Strain Reliefs, please click here.  For additional information on Heyco's Snap-In Romex Strain Relief, please click here.

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