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Heyco-Flex VI Liquid Tight Conduit and Fittings

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Heyco is expanding its Liquid Tight Conduit and Fittings line with metal core Heyco-Flex VI Liquid Tight Conduit and Fittings.   
Heyco-Flex VI Liquid Tight Conduit
Heyco-Flex VI is a Flexible, PVC/Metal Liquid Tight Electrical Conduit (LFMC).  It has a PVC jacketed, continuously interlocked hot dipped zinc galvanized steel core for exceptional crush and corrosion resistance.  When used with Heyco-Flex VI Liquid Tight Fittings, installation is easy and it is IP 67 rated.  Heyco Flex VI's durable, sunlight resistant jacket resists heat, oil and chemical breakdown.  

Heyco-Flex VI Conduit is approved for both exposed and concealed locations, direct burial and in concrete.  It is also approved as an equipment grounding conductor if the total grounding path is 6 ft. or less and the circuit conductors are protected by over 20 amps for 3/8" and 1/2" and 60 amps or less for 3/4" through 1-1/4".  

Heyco-Flex VI Liquid Tight Conduit is made from a PVC jacket with zinc galvanized steel core, is UL Listed under File E469210, CSA
certified under File 260992 and has a temperature range of    
 -4°F  (-20°C) to 140°F (60°C).  
Heyco-Flex VI Liquid Tight Conduit Fittings - Straight-Thru, NPT Hubs


Heyco-Flex VI Liquid Tight Conduit Fittings are made of Nickel-plated Brass Construction and come in Straight-Thru and 90° Sweep Styles with NPT Hubs.  They are designed with an insulated throat to prevent wire damage during installation and have excellent corrosion resistance, strength and durability.    They are approved for both exposed and concealed locations and are suitable for harsh industrial, food and beverage, petro-chemical, waste water, salt water and other corrosive applications.
Heyco-Flex VI Liquid Tight Conduit Fittings - 90° Sweep, NPT Hubs


Heyco-Flex VI Fittings are made from Nickel Plated Brass with a PA6 clamping ring, galvanized steel ferrule and locknut and NBR rubber washer.  They are UL certified for compliance with both Canadian and U.S. requirements under File E234207 and have a temperature range of -45°F (-45°C) to 221°F (105°C).  


Heyco-Flex IV Liquid Tight Conduit and Fittings are suitable for use in hazardous locations per NEC Articles 501 Class I Div. 2, Article 502 Class II Div. 1 & 2 and Article 503 Class III Div. 1 & 2.  In addition, they also comply with UL Standard 360 File No. E18917; CSA C22.2 File No. 158897; and NEC Article 350.   


You can get further information on Heyco-Flex VI Liquid Tight Conduit and Heyco-Flex VI Liquid Tight Fittings, Straight -Thru and 90° Sweep by visiting  

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