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NEW PRODUCT - Heyco HEYlock Locking IEC Power Cords
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Heyco Products now offers HEYlock Locking IEC Power Cords that are designed for retrofit.  

HEYlock Universal C13 to C14 Locking IEC Power Cord

HEYlock Locking IEC Power Cords eliminate accidental and vibration disconnects.  They are universally compatible - no mating plug or receptacle required!  They are designed for retrofit as a plug and play replacement for existing power cords.  

HEYlocks are available in Universal C13 to C14 and C13 to 5-15P.  The C13 to C14 cords are the only locking IEC 13-14 power cords that lock at both ends.  These cords are ideal for data systems, audio/visual and lighting markets.  The C13 to 5-15P cords lock at the application end and are ideal for data systems and appliance markets.  
HEYlocks are made from nylon 6/6 and PVC with plated copper alloy contacts.  They are UL certified for compliance with both Canadian and U.S. requirements under files E471200 (C13/C14) and E115330 (C13/5-15P).  

Please consult Heyco for custom lengths and colors.  
 HEYlock Universal C13 to 5-15P Locking IEC Power Cord

For more information about HEYlock Locking IEC Power Cords, please click here. 


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