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Heyco Nylon Corrugated Conduit/Tubing and Fittings-HPAS Series

Heyco Nylon Corrugated Conduit/Tubing and Fittings

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Heyco's new Nylon Corrugated Conduit/Tubing and Fittings are now available from Heyco!  
Heyco Nylon Corrugated Conduit/Tubing - HPAS Series
Heyco Nylon Corrugated Conduit and Tubing is highly flexible, lightweight, and offers low installed cost.  It is a low fire, smoke and toxicity hazard, and is halogen, sulphur and phosphorus free.  Highly resistant to abrasion, oil and solvents, Heyco Nylon Corrugated Conduit and Tubing has a high fatigue life and impact strength, and recovers if crushed.  It is suitable for use in outdoor locations and can be used with all types of equipment, machinery, pumps, motors, and HVAC equipment.  The Conduit and Tubing is made of Polyamide Nylon 6, with a 94V-2 or 94V-0 halogen free flammability rating, 300V voltage rating, and an IP 66 rating when used with Heyco's HPASC fittings.  It is recognized under Underwriters' Laboratories file E121095 for both U.S. and Canadian requirements.
Heyco Nylon Conduit Fittings - Straight-Thru
Heyco HPASC Nylon Conduit Fittings are available in Straight-Thru and 90° Sweep Styles to be used with Heyco Nylon Corrugated Conduit and Tubing.  There is no disassembly required as the installer simply pushes the conduit or tubing into the fitting, then tightens the domed sealing nut.  Since no threading of the conduit or tubing is required to install, the possibility of cutting the conduit or tubing and creating leak paths is eliminated.  Made from Nylon 6/6 with silicone rubber glands, these fittings are recognized under the Component Program of Underwriters' Laboratories file E121095 for both U.S. and Canadian requirements.  They have a 94V-2 or 94V-0 flammability rating and are IP 66 rated. 
Heyco Nylon Conduit Fittings - 90° Sweep
Heyco has an extensive line of Liquid Tight  Conduit/Tubing, Fittings and Accessories.   Click here to see our complete Liquid Tight Conduit and Fittings Product Offering .

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