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Heyco-Tite Brass NFPA Liquid Tight Cordgrips

NEW: Heyco-Tite Brass NFPA Liquid Tight Cordgrips
   Heyco Products, Corp.

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Heyco has added NFPA Nickel Plated Brass Liquid Tight Cordgrips to our already extensive line of Brass Liquid Tight Cordgrips.  

Heyco-Tite NFPA Brass Liquid Tight Cordgrips

Heyco's new NFPA Brass Liquid Tight Cordgrips feature a special TPE gland that has been tested for heat release and smoke emission (ASTM E 1354) and smoke toxicity (SMP 800).  

Along with these new NFPA parts, Heyco offers a wide range of Nickel Plated Brass Cordgrips.  Nickel plated brass offers superior protection of flexible cables and provides excellent corrosion resistance and durability.  All brass cordgrips are available in multiple sizes for flexible power cord diameters and most may be used in clearance or threaded holes.  Heyco-Tite Straight Thru brass Liquid Tight Cordgrips are available in NPT, PG and Metric hubs.  

In addition to the standard Heyco-Tites, we also offer the following Heyco-Tite Brass Liquid Tight Cordgrips:

* EMC and EMC-2 - Ideal for applications where Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) protection or Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is needed
* Lazy Bend with EPDM or Stainless Steel Nozzle - Ease the cable into a lazy bend which prevents sharp bending and ensures the longest cable and product life
* Profile - Low profile design inhibits manipulation from outside the panel because there is no contact surface offering opportunity for interference by hand or tool.
* Explosion Proof for Hazardous Locations - Suitable for flameproof enclosures Ex d 11 C and increased safety EX e 11
* Clamping - Extra pull-out resistance for applications requiring maximum strain relief in addition to liquid tight sealing.    

HEYbrid Straight-Thru Brass/Nylon Liquid Tight Cordgrips are available in NPT, PG and Metric Hubs.  These Brass Cordgrips have a gripping finger/gland technology that accommodates the widest cable range over the fewest skus.  Their rolled grease-free threads prevent galling and allow for multiple assemblies and disassemblies with no messy thread lubrication required.  The self-retaining sealing ring eliminates the need for an O-Ring groove, thus reducing cost.  These Cordgrips are approved for NEMA 4, 4X, 6 and 6P applications.

Heyco Brass Liquid Tight Cordgrips are constructed of nickel plated brass with a TPE Sealing Gland.  They are UL recognized under the component program of UL File E51579 to both Canadian and US requirement, IP 68 and 69K rated, DFARS compliant, and have a temperature rating of -40 °F (-40°C) to 212°F (100°C). 
To see our extensive line of Nylon and Metal Liquid Tight Cordgrips, please visit  Heyco's Liquid Tight Cordgrip section .  

Interested in samples?   Hover over any of the part numbers on our website that you are interested in sampling, click "Sample" and then click "Add Sample To Cart". 


Colleen Faulknor
Vice President, Administration
Heyco Products, Inc.
Phone:  732-286-4336 x205
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