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Heyco Hole Plugs and Venting Solutions

Heyco Hole Plugs and Venting Solutions

     Heyco Products, Corp.

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features an extensive range of hole plugs including, but not limited to, Dome Plugs,  Glossy Plugs, Pry Out Plugs, Ergonomic Plugs. Double D Plugs,   Rectangular Blanking & Connector Port Plugs, Window Plugs,  Diffuser Plugs, Knock-Out Seals, Liquid Tight Plugs,   D-Subminiature Plugs and Caps, Connector Caps & Plugs,  Plastic and Metal Threaded Plugs, Tapered Caps and Plugs, Sheet Metal Plugs, and Plugs and Caps for Round and Square Tubing.     

In addition to Finishing Plugs, Heyco also has an extensive range of Venting Solutions including Vent Plugs, Louvered Plugs, and Equalization and Drain Plugs.  
Featured NEW Products

Heyco Thick Panel Halogen and Phosphorus-Free
94V-0 Plugs

Heyco has expanded its Halogen and Phosphorus -Free 94V-0 Hole Plugs line to include new plugs for panel thickness up to .250" (6,4mm).  This line of plugs is molded from a nylon material which, in the event of a fire, will not burn and will not produce toxic gases.  These plugs are UL recognized under file E51579 and CSA certified under file 8919.  
Heyco Pry Out Plugs - Prong Finger Design

Along with their Standard Finger Design Pry Out Plugs, Heyco now offers a Prong Finger Design.  The flexible and tapered prongs will snugly lock in place with fingertip pressure, but can be removed and reused.  They are durable and non-conductive, abrasion and vibration resistant, and offer excellent dust protection for electronic equipment. 

Heyco Diffuser Plugs

Heyco's new Diffuser Plugs' matte finish diffuses light from a source behind the plug.  No tools are required for these plugs as they will snap into mounting holes with only fingertip pressure.  They have a 94V-2 flammability rating and a temperature range of -40°F (-40°C) to 239°F (115°C).  
Heyco V-0 NPT Liquid Tight Threaded Plugs

Heyco NPT Liquid Tight Threaded Plugs are now available in V-0 material.  The integral sealing ring on these plugs ensures a superior seal at the mounting hole location every time.  They are IP 68 rated and UL recognized under file E330194 to both Canadian and US requirements. 

Heyco PG and Metric Nickel-Plated Brass Plugs

In addition to  Heyco's existing Plastic PG and Threaded Plugs, they now offer Nickel Plated Brass PG and Threaded Plugs.  These plugs are used to close unneeded holes when other threaded accessories may be added at a later time.  The Nickel Plated Brass Plugs are ideal where extra durability and strength are needed (such as harsh environmental conditions) and come with an NBR O-ring.  

Heyco Plugs for NPT Threaded Ports

Heyco Plugs for NPT Threaded Ports have an integral shoulder washer.  These plugs provide a positive seal and compress against the mounting hole surface area to keep contaminants from the spot face.  The plugs are also available for NPS, SAE and ISO threaded plugs.  

Heyco can meet all of your plug needs including customizing plugs in various sizes, shapes, materials and colors.  We can even mold your Company logo directly onto your plug!  Please contact Heyco for additional information.    
To download a copy of Heyco's Hole  Plugs and Venting Solutions Brochure, please  click here!
You can see Heyco's full line of hole plugs and order free samples by visiting  To order samples, use the quick order form or h over over any of the part numbers on that you are interested in sampling, click "Sample" and then click "Add Sample To Cart".    

Colleen Faulknor
Vice President, Administration
Heyco Products, Inc.

Phone:  732-286-4336 x205

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