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Heyco has recently added multiple new products to its already extensive line of Cable Ties including Nylon 12, Blind Mount, Releasable, and HEYBite Cable Ties.  
Heyco Nytye Nylon 12 Cable Ties

Heyco Nylon 12 Cable Ties are weather/UV resistant and suitable for high moisture, corrosive (zinc chloride and dilute acids) and low temperature indoor or outdoor applications.  These ties are available in various lengths to accommodate a variety of different bundle sizes ranging from 1.44" all the way up to 4.00" bundles and the tensile strengths range from 40lbs all the way up to 100lbs.  

Heyco Nytye Push Mount Nylon Cable Ties - Blind Mount

Heyco Blind Mount Cable Ties have a low insertion force with high pull out retention capabilities and can be mounted in either a through hold or a blind hole of proper depth.  Due to the blind mount being assembled to the cable tie, no additional components are required.  

Heyco Nytye Releasable Cable Ties

Heyco Releasable Cable Ties have a locking mechanism that can be released so that wires can be added or removed from the bundle without cutting or otherwise damaging the cable tie.  


The HEYBite Clip mounts easily to frames and panel edges without the need for mounting holes or adhesives.  The metal locking teeth bite easily into frames and panel edges, yet provide high removal resistance.  HEYBites' two piece assembly easily adjusts to various bundle diameters.  
To see Heyco's complete range of cable ties and accessories, please click here.  

In addition to Cable Ties, Heyco has a complete wire and cable management offering that can be found in the HEYware section of our website. 

Interested in samples?   Hover over any of the part numbers on our website that you are interested in sampling, click "Sample" and then click "Add Sample To Cart".  If you already know the part numbers of the products that you would like to sample, you can order your samples by completing the Quick Order form located on Heyco's website.

Colleen Faulknor
Vice President, Administration
Heyco Products, Inc.
Phone:  732-286-4336 x205
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